The United States


For Biden, it was voting victory.
And so he assumes the presidency.
Prevailing due to the democracy.
Triumph over lies, for integrity.

Trump, then lost, as he truly did deserve.
To pretend that he won, he had the nerve.
The leader’s duty to protect and serve
the nation, Biden’s. Can more trust his word.

Abide, then, with Biden; can’t abide Trump.
Black Lives Matter, and those black votes counted.
Great that the denier-in-chief’s been dumped.
From the White House, the racist’s been outed.

It’s worth celebrating obviously,
this important Joe Biden victory.


There, shown, truly exceptional beauty;
the woman on the photograph displayed
on the internet and viewed, suitably,
repeatedly. Portrait art that was made.

Alexandria Ocas’o-Cortes.
By her initials AOC is known.
US Congress member. I’d say the best,
although as part of the squad, not alone.

Radical on issue after issue.
Brave and outspoken representative.
Through her, America could be renewed,
and life improved; a world imperative.

The beauty in that photograph, supreme.
New meaning to the American Dream.


It was ugly fascism on display,
the Trumpian model. It was nasty.
At its centre, him, and his power play
His ego what count, however barmy.

Narcissistic. Demand admiration.
Insists on it from himself and cronies.
Nepotism, without hesitation.
Lying. Successes claimed, but they’re phonies.

Law-breaking, too, claiming exceptional.
Made-up conspiracies to shift the blame.
State boosts for the rich. To poor, acted cruel.
Racism used, to try to win again.

White Supremacy and gun violence.
Only term ‘fascist’ for his rule makes sense


Qanon. Q, questionably deranged.
Manipulates using conspiracies.
For political purpose, so arranged.
Invokes action to harass enemies.

It seems quirky as a campaigning tool,
yet ignorance and grievance galvanised.
Stupid, but includes clever ways to fool.
‘Save the Children’ site, not what it implies.

Stirring-up about paedophiles, but then
taken to Qanon web rabbit holes,
where anon nuts reinforce with poison.
Support for Trump as the ultimate goal.

Deep State and wicked Jews, plots, much mooted.
Politics, by Qanon, polluted.


Do I have ideas floating around?
Sometimes I note one down for later use.
From Ai Wei Wei’s article, one I’ve found.
Can put in this sonnet, his spoken view.

His subject, U.S. and Chinese systems.
Both Capitalist. ‘Free Market’ or ‘State’.
A jumble of interests, he assumes,
compete for preference, United States.

Lacks long-term vision and aspiration,
historically. Omits ideals, short-
termist and hostage to corporations.
Both spend vastly on arms, and do not halt.

China, fully authoritarian.
“Both Capitals can chew-up anything.”


‘Exceptionalism’ for their actions
is what leaders of powerful nations
claim for themselves as legal exemption,
after their criminal operations.

War crimes, extraordinary rendition,
torture and extrajudicial killing.
Theft and corruption, from their decision.
To enrich themselves, only too willing.

Their ill-gotten gains laundered overseas,
or via scams so that don’t pay taxes.
Get up to all sorts of iniquities,
which say ‘normal’, whatever the fact is;

or ‘secret’ if want. Unaccountable,
these gangsters who claim they’re ‘exceptional’.


Trump, the freeloader. That is what he is.
Has high-cost rewards cheap or for nothing.
Pays very little personal taxes,
but acts as though it’s a lot he’s put in.

It, a plutocracy, he was running.
A government by the rich for the rich.
Greed to an extent that truly stunning.
Self-aggrandisement include him enriched.

Also relieved his businesses of tax.
Huge debt, if not for real, been much contrived.
But benefit, as a matter of fact,
approved for the taxpayer to provide.

Health cuts for most, whilst he gets his for free.
Trump, the freeloader-in-chief. Scrounger, he.


An alarming fascist fantasy world.
Mentally disturbed. Detached from reason.
To promote crazed conspiracies, impelled.
Big players in the deceiving season.

Cheats and liars. Liars and cheats, up front.
As if in late stage of venereal
disease, where if don’t believe, an affront.
And the Chief, potentate material.

It is an appalling aberration,
to be granted power to such extent.
If get any, will cause consternation,
because largely demented, with intent.

Anti-science. Anti what most think sense.
‘Only they’re right’, with their madness intense.


There is no question, he is violent.
He is. Very many die from his acts.
From negligence, too, he’s not innocent.
His unchecked violence, matter of facts.

There’s the vast number dead from the disease.
Himself, super spreader with his rallies.
To take basic precautions, disagrees.
Promotes quack, ‘no remedy’ remedies.

There’s the deaths of those chronically poor,
who cannot afford to live anymore.
Who, if they get sick, cannot buy a cure.
Bad housing and pollution to endure.

Drugs, guns, police killings. Race hate ones, too.
Executions. Murderer, through and through.


They’re a bunch of domestic terrorists,
encompassing, then leaders of the State.
Civic responsibility, they missed.
Blows to democracy did activate.

They riot, assault, and they wield their guns.
Threaten elections, and those elected.
They’re little more than rabble-rousing bums,
But with them, violence must be expected.

There was incitement from the very top.
On top of multiple lies, told big one;
that election ‘stolen’, when it was not.
Their conspiracy so it be undone.

Trump and his crazy roughnecks, must resist.
They are U.S. domestic terrorists.

Concluding Sonnet