Enigmatic, with the unexpected.
A lively person, almost pneumatic.
Take instant or two before accepted.
Will happen. Moment, then automatic.

A girl like this can make her presence felt.
Quickly realise, inhabits the space.
She arrives boldly, but with touch of stealth.
All of a sudden, you are face to face.

And she’ll say something that will make you think.
Take to a different place, than where was.
It’s okay, though, you are there in a blink.
Risk it, even if may seem dangerous.

Change attitude, subtly or emphatic,
engaging with that girl, enigmatic.


If I could find the words of perfection,
I would describe you, as you look to me.
Those words would have to be an exception,
because miss the truth if ordinary.

Is ‘beauty’ enough? Not really, I think.
‘Marvellous’, ‘magnificent’, almost there.
More colours needed, than ‘pretty in pink’.
‘Fair maiden?’ Substantially more than ‘fair’.

‘Sweet?’ Yes! Good-hearted and generous, too,
yet there’s more to add; something that’s quite rare.
Your innate wonderfulness that comes through.
And, an aspect or two, beyond compare.

God knows the words for that. Heavens above,
I can only see you with eyes of love.


Violets are red and roses are blue.
It could not be clearer, I don’t love you.
It’s a crazy world, so this might be true.
But in my being wrong, there is a clue.

Bird in the bush is worth two in the hand.
That’s kind of difficult to understand.
Yours not an attraction that I can stand.
But being wrong about that, could be grand.

Diamonds are a man’s best friend, not a girl.
So a ring would be like an empty shell.
But were you to accept mine, could dispel
all the thoughts I’m not putting over well.

What’s true, roses red and violets blue.
What did mean to say is ‘I do love you’.


Originally a Sufi concept,
re-emerging in a Hindi movie,
Seven Stages of Love. What to expect.
They’re almost in the realm of poetry.

Attraction, first, then Infatuation,
followed by Love, Romantic Love, Romance.
Reverence next in this compilation.
Trust and Respect this, in this merry dance.

Fifth is Worship. I think, Adoration.
But then, it is claimed, there is Obsession.
Perhaps called Madness, at this sixth station.
In film, seventh, after indiscretion,

called Foolishness, but when got serious
said to be Death. That is ambiguous.


Psychology’s seven stages of love.
Of falling in love, that is. And ‘phases’
more like. Although ‘aspects’ would be enough.
Inception. Salience, as engages.

Intrusive Thinking next. It occupies
the mind. Then Crystallisation. Focussed.
Craving, Hope and Uncertainty, for size,
is the fourth, but fifth yet more atrocious.

Hypomania. Manic sensation.
And that’s followed with, if you get no rest,
Jealousy and Intense Motivation.
Seventh, and last in this list, Helplessness.

Beyond, resigned to what will be will be.
If works, it works. If not, not meant to be.


In the middle of the night, remembered.
I remembered what it was like with you.
With you next to me; to love surrendered.
I surrendered. Was the best I could do.

Could do it because you showed you loved me.
Loved me in your way, voluntarily.
Just the desire felt obligatory.
Remembered that love, momentarily.

And I thought you were still there next to me.
Next to me, not where you now have to be.
It came to me with such intensity.
Has to be, I think, imaginary.

Yet, was there in the middle of the night,
the Love felt for you like a switched-on light.


Eros and Thanatos. That’s sex and death.
Procreation, reproduction and more.
The more, recreation. Sort of excess.
So sex is in the psyche at its core.

And death too, although hard to imagine
what is really, not fanciful notions.
Such thought given status of distraction.
Say too much, the ‘heretical’ opens

And yet by each, informed repeatedly.
They are much involved in our existence
At times, must address immediately.
In our circumstances, an insistence.

Massive impact upon what’s done, and lost,
influential Eros and Thanatos.