Here we are. Here we are, and here we go.
Got to get out again; feel so impelled.
It is dangerous, though, surely you know.
Coronavirus all over the world.

And, don’t like it, don’t like it, don’t like it,
don’t like it, no. There’s no sign that it’s slowed.
Even out here. Trying to survive it.
Coronavirus all over the globe.

Here we go. Here we go. Another verse.
Singing it boldly for all I am worth.
But it is here, and will likely get worse.
Coronavirus all over the earth.

Don’t like it, but here we are, here we go.
Coronavirus all over the globe.


Who is killing who, by proximity,
by their presence within touching distance?
For the known safeguard have antipathy.
To maintaining space, showing resistance.

Who is infecting by their disregard?
Seemingly callous with their negligence?
May think knowing but really a retard,
based on the positional evidence.

Could be there’s two idiots in one place,
shaking hands, chatting, breathing all over.
Covidiots, there, in each other’s face.
Form of russian roulette, only slower.

There are people like that. They do not care.
Sadism, masochism in one … share.


Here, virtually uninhabited,
public park in which few of the public.
Sunny morning, but folk not out in it.
Space, grass, trees, clean fresh air. Me, I love it.

Now, this afternoon, the path alongside.
I feel the sunshine, whilst also shaded.
The odd person, but most have stayed inside.
That blue sky wonderful. Has not faded.

The dogs’ walks providing, for me, relief.
My soul can contemplate what is, in peace.
And while my presence outside is discrete,
I’m one of the few prisoners released.

To wander through park and path in these times.
As far as I am concerned, they’re gold mines.


“They cut your throat”, she told me. It shocked me.
Her explaining the surgical process.
Done because patient cannot breathe freely.
Ventilator used, in best interest.

Breathing almost unnoticed normally,
but Covid-19 makes it difficult.
At first, oxygen used, importantly.
If gets worse, aid for breathing almost forced.

To connect-up, for this, throat opened-up.
But not as murderer would, right across.
Incision. Sufficiently measured cut.
Insertion, to windpipe, so life not lost.

Until explained, the throat-cutting shocked me.
Now, breathe-easy at tracheotomy.


Comic-cut communications captured
In the slogan that critics have called vague.
‘Stay Alert’, the one to which here referred.
To those who want clarity, an outrage.

Replacing the one before, ‘Stay at Home’.
That was quite a specific thing to do.
Now, I suppose, more case of ‘free to roam’,
as long as understand, not near to you.

Still, it may as well just be said, ‘Warning!’
Implying a deadly virus about.
Not even ‘Danger of Death’ informing.
Just matter for you yourself to watch out.

War cartoons had German soldiers with guns.
And in bubbles they said, ‘Achtung! Achtung!’


Test, track and trace. The failure apparent.
It was not done, and now late in the day.
Testing was curtailed. That was negligent.
Only for likely patients did it stay.

Later, front-line health workers were added,
But lacking was capacity to test
en masse. Period beforehand wasted.
Chance to build-up testing went unaddressed.

And technology was not utilised.
There was no applicable app applied.
And people to warn, need not, did decide.
With unpreparedness, had to abide.

But not getting ‘back’ safely, an expense
down to ‘test, track and trace’ incompetence.


Can be clearly seen what the problem is.
Shown in public health documentaries.
The bug’s infection-spreading properties.
Passed on to the next with relative ease.

By a cough, by a sneeze, even by talk,
if within connection-proximity.
By touching surface, where there to be caught.
By risk or bad luck, get to you or me.

Outside in the open, it may catch on.
That’s why keeping distance is important.
But in confined space with many, is wrong.
Diseased person’s droplets, all over sent.

Film shows those around standing or on stools,
virus engulfs, some bouncing off the walls.


Was allowed to ‘seed’ in the early days.
In those weeks that was warned it was coming.
‘Wait and see’ approach, as if in a daze.
Urgent measures, then, were not forthcoming.

Flights brought in those from all over the world,
Including from known, infected, hotspots.
Sports gatherings put on, where the crowds swelled,
in close proximity. It spread a lot.

Hesitated with herd immunity.
Letting those going to catch it, catch it
Quarantine and face masks voluntary
Non-protection; so bad, hard to match it.

PPE shortage, and into care homes.
Seeded, then into deadly flowers grown.


Another deadly risk that is out there,
coronavirus and covid 19.
Dangerous disease spread everywhere.
One more of quite a few which are extreme.

I was taught that in the animal world,
humans only ones without predators.
To my mind, that claimed ‘truth’ has been dispelled.
Are now, and believe have been, murderers.

Perhaps teacher meant that ‘kill us to eat’.
A huge cat like a lion would, if could.
But humans kill humans. Such deaths repeat.
Few for food, but with motives not so good.

A hostile world, with much that can harm us.
And now we must add to that, the virus.


The national health is precarious.
Driven down by a number of factors.
There is the rise of coronavirus.
Swooping on its prey like fearsome raptors.

Long treatment waits for other ailments now.
Many will die when they could have been saved.
And ill-effect keep on, with a long tail.
By this threat around, nowadays, enslaved.

The economic effects, disastrous.
Poverty brings bad health. There will be more.
Soaring mental illness, be at high cost.
Isolation, no care, many endure.

Birds of Prey hover. They moved in by stealth;
ready to pick flesh off the peoples’ health.


A body dysmorphia disorder.
A mental illness over appearance.
Cannot ignore, cannot allow torpor,
when to a beauty feature, adherence.

Cosmetic surgery is considered
to have, to achieve the desired effect.
The ugly, unwelcome part, got rid of.
Perfectly beautiful, what then expect.

Gender reassignment could be thought this.
But, mental state from being in wrong sex.
Felt so, so specialist medics enlist,
to then feel happier when it’s all fixed.

But, what happiness – or illness – driven,
is a very difficult decision.