One rule for the masses, and another
for the powerful and the privileged.
Exceptions and exemptions, discover,
at the top of the social pyramid.

Rules, we were told back then, were not advice,
they were instructions, there to be followed.
When told, understood restriction applies
to everyone. Upset from, swallowed.

But been some in senior positions,
who regard themselves as exceptional,
do what they like; make their own decisions,
so ‘rules’ that fit for them, think credible.

But this not so. It’s flagrant disregard
for what most enduring; some, really hard.


There is a road if you go to the east
where you will find a war which has not ceased.
Many past inhabitants now deceased,
or made refugee. Their numbers increased.

There is a road if you go to the west
where by having guns, mightily impressed.
Do not mind there are killings in excess.
Think all that sorrow, in their interest.

There is a road if you go to the south
where the people are poor; live hand to mouth.
Resources plenty, but people without.
Where vast wealth by a few is taken out.

There is a road if you go to the north
where only goodness applies. That is false.


“Victimisation”, the insult thrown out.
Protestors claimed to have that attitude,
when it’s injustice what they’re on about.
Want calls for action heeded, not refused.

The facts of racial prejudice well known,
although lot, too, is suffered in silence.
Statistics and reports make a huge tome.
Deaths inflicted, and lives ruined, immense.

Disproportionate daily punishments
via policing, sentencing, health outcomes.
Opportunity; access; much prevents.
Economics. Amongst the poorer ones.

This “victimisation” is deflection,
denial. ‘Blame those hurt’, the intention.


How Britain manipulates the U.N.,
is by its ‘diplomats’ in position,
so government’s influence can extend.
Gaining U.N. official permission.

Note the crony involved in the Yemen.
Reduced objection to invading force,
and its blockade causing massive famine;
plus bombing civilians without remorse.

Blamed, instead, those fighting for their homeland.
Blind eye to U.K. and U.S. supply
of bombs and warplanes. Ceasefire, understand,
only when it suits. No one questions why.

Now the invaders off the child killer list.
’95 too low’; but there’s those been missed.


Silence in court. What is that disturbance?
It’s encroaching on my jurisdiction.
An inappropriate exuberance.
On what is said and done here, restriction.

Who’s causing this unruly behaviour?
What is that noisy protest all about?
Is there an indication; a flavour
of the argument, for the rules to flout?

Usher, am not used to such objection.
Seems likely I will have to clear the court.
Cannot tolerate this insurrection.
Force to quell riot, will have to resort.

Tell them, in my judgment, nothing promise.
Certainly cannot guarantee justice.


Vast improvement in access to knowledge
via the internet and computer.
‘Search’ enables intelligent usage.
Will find information to suit, for sure.

Enormous library available.
Explanations via the spoken word.
Phenomenal detail attainable.
That cannot be more clever seems absurd.

But, incredibly, not so, overall.
Ignorance seems to have grown alongside.
Of course, much stuff on there that’s meant to fool.
Education, though, that’s been put aside.

And attitude toward it of disdain.
Think that clever, but not using their brain.


Slogan should be ‘contracts, contracts, contracts’,
Not ‘build, build, build’. Contracts, the intention.
Public cash to cronies thereby dispatch.
Describe as ‘government intervention’.

Proclaim it as being ‘Rooseveltian’,
although not the same as Franklin D did.
In a programme distinctly Keynesian,
infrastructure projects, jobs, provided.

Was public money for the public good.
By contrast, this a weak imitation.
Money going to where will do less good.
Be overcharged. Price paid by the nation.

Gain from profits, dividends, donations.
In future, say this ‘fails expectations’.


There is a time when clowns get elected.
Amidst dismay, their act is to amuse.
Opponents, too serious, rejected.
The lack of gravitas, voters excuse.

Blurts out bluster; ridiculous statement.
Imply, ‘if you believe this, you’re the fool’.
Slogans, armwaves; as signs of derangement.
Pretend their idiocy, the new cool.

But good government is a requirement
for complex entity like a country.
Clowning around will work in parliament
backed by votes of loony majority.

Populist prancing shallow, personal.
But a clown in charge deserves ridicule.


Allocated a role in dishonour,
the Royal Navy, insidiously
besmirching the history of the core.
Sailing in a monstrous, polluted sea.

Advising the Saudi coalition
on their murderous war in the Yemen.
Showing how to implement decision
to blockade the main port, causing famine.

This act is truly ignominious,
leading to deaths of countless civilians.
An atrocity. Is that serious.
This is factual, not opinion.

Ministers, Defence Staff, complicit press,
disguise Navy’s role bringing mass distress.


Taxpayer funds for global sex parties.
Barely reported but the naked truth.
From one of the State’s magic money trees.
But, of public funds, really an abuse.

Multi-million pound annual turnover,
the Company with this salacious trade.
Whilst virus around, the party’s over.
The fun curtailed; well and truly outplayed.

Yet an unfocussed Treasury programme,
match funds which are voluntarily raised.
Get some of their clients and friends to send
bit more, on top of what normally pays.

Couple of hundred grand, government add.
If been Labour one, press would have gone mad.


Redacted. The facts go unreported.
Some expunged from the official record,
and destroyed. Others largely distorted.
Much, deeply hidden so never recalled.

Atrocities of Empire undisclosed.
The brutal force employed, whitewashed over.
The true horror, not properly exposed.
Seekers after truth and light, quashed. A bar

on revealing the stealing that took place.
Long-established rights, freedoms, brushed aside.
Enslavement and racism commonplace.
Murder and concentration camps applied.

The despicable actuality,
though, kept away from British history.


Dating back to 1903, the lies.
It Russian in origin, pre pogrom.
Fabrication which sane people despise.
Dustbin of history, where it belong.

The fraudulent anti-Semitic text
claiming to be Jewish conspiracy
for world domination. In that context,
drinking the blood of children, horribly.

Basically crazed, believers of that.
But amidst hatred, it re-emerges,
As though was, and still is, a gruesome fact.
Used to fuel violent fascist surges.

It’s not, but it truly should be, long-gone,
Protocols of the Elders of Zion.


“Shapeshifting Creep”, pejoratively said,
to describe the British Prime Minister,
by man close to administrative head
of the new government’s interior.

Johnson had been close to the old regime.
Himself been referred to as “Little Trump”.
No criticism when that man extreme.
Supported, with own version as a chump.

But, unforgivably, called Obama
“Kenyan”, giving credence to birthing lie.
Did not bother to meet Biden, either.
Now, just hopes it enough to say “ally”.

But the new U.S. administration
know he’s a shapeshifting aberration.


EHRC, purpose equality
as a human right for minorities.
A commission in place to oversee.
Resource of ‘fairness’ for ethnicities.

But made institutionally racist
by cutbacks and self-imposed restrictions,
and appointees who ‘let be’ prejudice.
Say, ‘due to culture of being victims’.

Given the role in a Tory backlash
to counter the ‘black lives matter’ movement.
So, defend white privilege unabashed.
Dominant, ‘stay same’ view, no accident.

No black campaigners, Muslims, on the board.
With ‘what for’, EHRC not accord.

Equality & Human Rights Commission


Countries’ chemical laboratories
do not bring only benefit to bear.
Purposeful tool of the authorities.
Defence-funded to engage in warfare.

So, model, to make, chemical weapons,
although illegal to use according
to international law. Exceptions
claimed to deal with dangers; these affording.

What labs have done shrouded in secrecy
Not subject to accountability.
There’s no disclosure of their history.
Untold, what released from facilities

into world, either accidentally,
or, without telling, intentionally.

Artistic (Sort of)