Sonnets Ten

Welcome to the Tenth Website of the Sonnet Man

My previous nine are listed (linked) below and are well worth looking at.
Each website, like this one, has just over 100 sonnets on them, so one or a few at a time or section at a time, is advisable.

I have now written over 5,000 sonnets in the last thirteen and a half years. Just over 1,000 of those can be read on my 10 websites.
So this and the other 9 websites contain a good sample of them.
I am probably the most prolific poet in the English language at present (as far as I know), and, as I wrote in an earlier sonnet, “I am the best poet in ….. my own little world.” However, I think a considerable degree of quality is contained in these I display. Some may be controversial, I make no apology for this. Many, I hope will be thought-provoking. I regard it as ‘poet’s licence’ to apply this if he or she likes.

I hope you find that there is one or more on this website which you enjoy reading, or which is meaningful to you.
Please, if you know of someone who might like to read one or some of these sonnets, pass on my website details.
Thank you. I hope you enjoy them.

The Sonnet Man.


I have now written over 5,000 sonnets in the last thirteen and a half years.
Just over 1000 of those can be read on my 10 websites.


A Sonnet is a poem, but with a specific structure and derives from the Italian word “sonnetto”, meaning “little song”.

Mine follow the pattern of 14 lines, 10 syllables a line,
and the rhyming pattern for verses of    –    abab   cdcd   efef   gg.

If you like words, word games and poetry, try constructing a sonnet on such a basis for yourself. Good luck.


Like the sonnets on my other websites, the ones on this one are my intellectual property.
However, I would be happy for any to be used, as felt fit,
provided they are accredited to The Sonnet Man or the relevant website address.

If for a commercial purpose, though, please seek my permission.

I can be contacted by the email address:

No insulting or irrelevant ones please. They will be deleted.
There may be a delay in my responding, but I will do so, eventually.

(Using a couple of Sylvia Plath’s metaphors in ‘Words’.)

I write poetry that’s beyond belief.
Beyond believing that I could do it.
That I could have such creative release,
and then, again and again, renew it.

Wellspring seemingly inexhaustible.
Replenishes to be drawn upon, next.
Within my brain herein comportable.
Ready to express in chosen context.

I would have thought it unbelievable.
Equivalent of trying to touch stars.
But one by one it was achievable.
Well’s silver glints took me further than Mars.

Became hoofs and galloped freely; dispersed.
As with me, came to be known as well-versed.